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  • Make good choices. Invest in a good routine.

    There are extreme variations of routines, prescribing 12 step programs that require you to set a 4:30am alarm just to get it all done, don't be sucked into these nonsense routines. Keep it simple, or you won't keep it up. 3 products, covering 3 key areas. That's all we recommend. View our full recommendation here.  View Post
  • How Important Is Vitamin D?

    The myth buster over whether the sun is good or bad for you. One minute the sun is the biggest culprit for causing Cancer and the next if you don’t get enough sun you’re basically going to die early anyway. I must admit, we’re sometimes guilty of hinting to both sides so let’s clear it up for you... View Post
  • Body Dysmorphia

    “Woman have body dysmorphia”, I overheard at the gym. “That is why they’re obsessed with how they look”, whilst he posed in the mirror with a front double bicep. He wasn’t a professional bodybuilder. He was a bloke, Monday was bench, Wednesday was back and triceps kind of guy. Friday night drinks at the pub. Probably a mate of [...] View Post
  • Vegetarian vs Omnivores. The facts.

    It’s a touchy subject for some but also a subject, we’re all a little guilty of not really knowing the facts. Vegetarianism is based on the idea of not eating meat at all, although some vegetarians include dairy, eggs, fish or even poultry. Whereas an omnivore will include both plant materials an... View Post
  • Functional Medicine could change your life.

    We’ve all heard of conventional medicine (visiting your doctor, getting a prescription, going to the hospital, MRI scans & having tests done etc etc) but have you heard of functional medicine?We found a brilliant article by Chris Kesser that explains it all perfectly in depth but in brief, Functional Medicine is one that promotes [...] View Post
  • Does Testosterone dictate how manly you are?

    We may be in a new decade, but we are far from eradicating gender stereotypes. Is testosterone a true measure of manliness? For decades, and we mean decades, the hormone has been sold to us all as the key to strength, fortitude and masculinity. But do your t-levels really dictate what kind of man... View Post


"I want to break the idea that most men think skin care is not for them. Don't ever be put off upgrading your bathroom routine because you presume others think it’s unnecessary or feminine. 

Cool Carter is not selling miracles or quick-fix solutions, we are a skincare range for men that cuts it down to the number 1 fundamental factor...authentic results" Jonathan Hamilton, Founder