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  • Girls Lift As Well

    Top 4 action to overcome Soreness & Boost Recovery Pushing yourself to meet physical or mental challenges but slowly the body can feel like it's grinding to a halt! That’s why some training days feel great and others will feel like a chore. Having a poor recovery process has been proven to in... View Post
  • Oils: The Good, the bad & the ugly!

    The Good, the bad & the ugly. Let's start with the good ones!Grapeseed Oil:The biggest benefits of Grapeseed Oil come from the high source of Vitamin E and Omega-6 Fatty Acid content. The Vitamin E within Grapeseed Oil acts as a fat-soluble antioxidant which helps protect your cells from damaging Free Radicals that have been associated with Cancer, [...] View Post


"I want to break the idea that most men think skin care is not for them. Don't ever be put off upgrading your bathroom routine because you presume others think it’s unnecessary or feminine. 

Cool Carter is not selling miracles or quick-fix solutions, we are a skincare range for men that cuts it down to the number 1 fundamental factor...authentic results" Jonathan Hamilton, Founder

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