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Dry Skin

Dry skin is caused by the skin’s hydrolipid film being compromised or removed. The hydrolipid film is your skin’s defence shield, keeping external aggressors out and moisture locked in. It is a light protective film which covers the surface of your skin. Many things remove this film such as synthetic chemicals in shower gels or shampoo,  petrochemicals in skincare and even using tap water, which is heavy in chemicals can strip the barrier.

To prevent dry skin, we advise applying our Facial serum to replenish the skin followed by a moisturising cream, which seals the oil into the skin, creating a barrier to prevent the moisture from leaving the skin. Our range is healthier for you because we only use unadulterated botanical ingredients. 

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  1. Omega 3 Body Moisturiser | 200ml
  2. Antioxidant Face & Shave Serum | 50ml
  3. Vitamin B5 Face Cream | 50ml
  4. Majestic Face Wash | 200ml

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