Beard & Skin Care Sample Set

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You don't know until you try!

We understand you might be sceptical about buying a new range from the internet, so we offer a small trial kit of our 3 step stubble and beard daily face routine. The samples should last for a couple of applications so you can see the initial soothing effects of our UK plant-based products (Just remember you will need to use the full sizes daily in order to obtain maximum benefits).

What We Send You:

  1. majestic face wash 5ml
  2. vitamin c face serum 5ml 
  3. Vitamin B5 Face cream 5ml 
Maintaining Beard Growth & prevent a curly, scruffy appearance!  Using the top 10 best sustainable, high-quality organic ingredients to achieve authentic results against beard irritations (without impacting the environment or ocean wildlife).



FYI, All we charge for is £3.80 delivery to cover the postage costs.

    3 steps to Optimum skin health 

    Prepare to be extraordinary