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    Maintain Beard Growth & Prevent Curly, Scruffy Appearance - You don't know until you try!

    Equipping Every Man With advance Skin Care made with high grade botanical Ingredients against free radical damage. What the hell is free radical damage you say!? 

    Your body is constantly attacked by free radical damage (UVA from the sun / smoking / inflammation caused by exercise / pollutants etc) and when free radical damage occurs it causes oxidative stress, which means damage to your cells, proteins and DNA!

    This causes accelerated skin ageing! From breakdown of skin collagen causing wrinkly skin to loss of elasticity and weak tissue causing sagging. 

    The greatest way to combat free radical damage is supplying nutritional components to the cells to better defend against oncoming free radical damage. The key components are antioxidants & amino acid protein. The fruit extracts & vital oil ingredients we use contain high concentrations of antioxidants and amino acid protein. The equivalent of a healthy balanced diet for the skin to keep you fit against this continuous damage!

    We hate heavy & greasy products so our products are designed to be light, absorb quickly and efficiently in order for you to get on with your day like normal. We also never use dirty ingredients that can damage you or the environment. 

    We understand you might be sceptical about buying a new range from the internet, so we offer a small trial kit of our 3-step stubble and beard daily face routine. The samples should last for a couple of applications so you can see the initial soothing effects of our UK plant-based products (Just remember you will need to use the full sizes daily to obtain maximum benefits).

    What We Send You in this free trial pack:

    1. majestic face wash 5ml
    2. vitamin c face serum 5ml 
    3. Vitamin B5 Face cream 5ml 

    Maintaining Beard Growth & prevent a curly, scruffy appearance!  Each product uses the top 10 best sustainable, high-quality organic ingredients to achieve authentic results against beard irritations (without impacting the environment or ocean wildlife). FYI, All we charge for is £2.99 delivery to cover the postage costs. Only one sample kit can be ordered per household.