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Scientific Healthy Beard Care

With Anti Ageing Botanical Actives

~ Stimulate Hair Follicles 

~ No Alcohols, Parabéns Or Petro-Chemcials

~ Made in Worcestershire, UK

~ Protect Skin Against Ageing

Achieve authentic results for optimum beard growth & reverse skin damage through botanical active ingredients. Produced by scientific specialists with 23 years in natural skin health in Britain.


beard benefits

clean skin + better beard

Using our products will mean more noticeable growth! Our products help your beard appearance by providing key cell nutrition to the skin cells and follicles.

thicker looking

Stronger, Healthier Beard hair & Less Patchy! Our natural ingredients contain high concentrations of antioxidants & amino acid proteins, which feeds the skin & supports healthy hair.

Naturally Hydrating

Prevent a curly, scruffy appearance by hydrating & nourishing organically everyday! Our products are designed to achieve optimum skin health with the healthiest botanical ingredients! 

Healthy Diet For The Skin

Unlike many beard products we supply active anti-ageing benefits. These active benefits come from the 100% botanical ingredients. 

Many ‘beard oils' are only designed to lubricate beard hair follicles and provide an uplifting aroma - we also hydrate & nourish the skin to be stronger & healthier!

Step 1) Wash & Remove Dirt 

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Odyssey Face Wash |200ml

For Dry Skin - Use our face wash to remove ingrain dirt from the skin. It also provides your skin with elasticity benefits, which keeps the skin firm. The Odyssey face wash is designed for dry skin using Californian orange oil and English grapeseed. 


For Sensitive Skin - We added pure Cucumber because it’s rich in antioxidants and Vitamins B, B1, B5, B7 (Biotin) to hydrate your skin, Peppermint with its omega-3 fatty acids and Tea Tree to naturally destroy any bacteria and keep the skin clean and fresh. Ideal for sensitive or acne prone skin. 


Step 2) Nourish Growth With Serum

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Antioxidant Face Serum 50ml | Beard & Stubble Oil

Use of 1 of our cutting-edge facial serums to solve your skin concern with nourishing active benefits that reverses cell damage. Using the serum every day will build your skin to be much stronger, the equivalent of feeding your face with a daily dose of nutritional fruit & veg! Encourage strong growth and protect your skin from premature ageing! Dry Skin.


For Sensitive Skin - We developed this face and beard serum to provide 100% healthy botanical-based benefits, with collagen-boosting antioxidants for the skin & beard nourishment benefits to encourage fuller beard growth. 

Our serums are natural-born fights against un-nourished faces by preventing the signs of rapid ageing and pollutant damage that many stubble or beard growers often neglect. Ideal for Sensitive & Acne prone skin.


Step 3) Hydrate To Matt Finish

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Vitamin A Face Cream | For Dry Skin

With all the active multi-vitamins and Amino Acid protein properties sinking straight in with it. We designed this Face cream to work against a 12 hour period to naturally calm and reduce inflammation.


A Cooling, oil-control cream high in Vitamin B5 with auxiliary benefits against premature ageing signs. Sebum is an oily secretion of the sebaceous glands. 


Try a sample pack 

The secret of success is to do the common thing uncommonly well! Maintain peak skin condition & prevent future issues by performing your daily routine uncommonly well with a 2 day sample selection. 

less wrinkles & A Better Beard

Using our routine every day will build your skin to be much stronger - the equivalent of feeding your face with a daily dose of nutritional fruit & veg!  The skin absorbs the natural benefits over extended usage and the results give incredible rejuvenation.

1 key benefit is our skin firming biotechnology called cellulose, a powerful antioxidants, which improves elastins in the skin.

We Support Homeless Causes 

The average age of homeless men is between 36 and 45 years old. The average age of death for people experiencing homelessness is 45. People sleeping on the street are almost 17 times more likely to have been victims of violence. More than one in three people sleeping rough have been deliberately hit or kicked or experienced some other form of violence whilst homeless.

People become homeless for lots of different reasons. There are social causes of homelessness, such as a lack of affordable housing, poverty and unemployment; and life events which push people into homelessness. Many people become homeless because they can no longer afford the rent.

 And for many, life events like a relationship breaking down, losing a job, mental or physical health problems, or substance misuse put people under considerable strain. Being homeless can, in turn, make many of these problems even harder to resolve. However, in nearly all cases homelessness is preventable and in every case, it can be ended.

Cases are expected to rise sharply in the next 2 years as the COVID-19 pandemic begins to have repercussions on our economy and what that means for jobs, property prices and increase in goods, such as foods and utilities. We donate a percentage of your order value to homeless charities...