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Equipping Everyman With Healthy Ingredients

Nature is pretty powerful and it's provided the bases of life changing medicines since the 19th century. We’re not brewing potions in kitchen sinks, gents!

Not all men lead the same existence - some like to party in the urban jungle and others enjoy reconnecting with nature. Either way your prone to the elements and the damage those environments can cause. Both the city and nature can provide free radical damage. What the hell is that?

Your body is constantly attacked by free radical damage (UVA from the sun / smoking /inflammation / pollutants) and when free radical damage occurs it causes oxidative stress, which means damage to your cells, proteins and DNA! Your largest organ in the body (the skin) get’s the brunt and a by product of free radical damage causes accelerated skin ageing.

The greatest way to combat free radical damage is supplying nutritional components to the cells to better defend against oncoming free radical damage. We use plants from sustainable growers as the main nutritional components (higher graded & unadulterated…not the cheap stuff you get in the health food shop). These plant have an abundance of antioxidants and amino acid protein levels (Some even have auxiliary benefits such as anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-inflammatory auxiliary benefits). The equivalent of a healthy balanced diet…for the skin!

Hydration also plays an important role in skin function, such as the regulation of epidermal proliferation, differentiation, and inflammation reduction. The best way to get fast results is boosting HYDRATION within the skin and the best to do that is through plant vital oils. The oils in our serums are the best way to provide key nutritional nourishment - so, its good for you!

*We don't use dirty ingredients like Petro-chemicals, Parabens Alcohols, Animal Ingredients, Pegs, Mineral Oils, Silicones, Synthetic colours, Plastic Microbeads, Artificial Fragrances or perfumes. Great for those with sensitive skin concerns!

How Do You Prevent Looking Tired & Wrinkly: