Nature is pretty powerful and it's provided the bases of life changing medicines since the 19th century. So we use plants. From sustainable growers. At therapeutic grade (higher graded & unadulterated…not the cheap stuff you get in the health food shop). At a therapeutic level they have an abundance of antioxidants and amino acid protein. Some even have auxiliary benefits such as anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-inflammatory auxiliary benefits.

“Using the purest grade natural ingredients is great, taking responsibility by buying from sustainable growers is great, but taking it a stage further by putting the same effort into your scientific research means better products for our customers and the world around us"

We’re not brewing potions in kitchen sinks, We produce all our products with molecular science to combine the best plants together to create short & long term benefits. Research conducted by Birmingham university & the institute of translational medicine.

Hydration has an important role in skin function, such as the regulation of epidermal proliferation, differentiation, and inflammation reduction. The best way to get fast results is boosting HYDRATION within the skin and Carter & Simone products achieves it through super hydrating unadulerated oils.

The long term benefits from our plant ingredients also have super nourishing properties. This is where we stand out from your 'average joe' mositurisers in the supermarket. A lot of issues seen from the outside can be contributed from an unhealthy lifestyle and the body breaking down - unable to cope with the bombardment of free radical damage.   "What's free radical damage?"

Your body is constantly under attack by free radical damage. When free radical damage occurs it causes oxidative stress, which means damage to your cells;  free radical damage on skin cells will cause collagen & fiber loss, weaker tissue, decrease of elasticity, auto-immune issues & pigmentation. It’s caused from things like UVA rays from the sun, smoking, pollutants, petro-chemical irritants and inflammation from exercise. Using our nourishing products regularly provides long term protection against free radical damage, allowing your body to be naturally stronger against daily free radical bombardment.

Undiluted plant ingredients are better for your health as you avoid nasty, dirty ingredients like Petro-chemicals, Parabens Alcohols, Animal Ingredients, Pegs, Mineral Oils, Silicones, Synthetic colours, Plastic Microbeads, Artificial Fragrances or perfumes.